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After years of experience working in the cannabis industry, Brittany and Spenser decided to join forces to create Greyer Cannabis Consulting. They both agreed they would do things differently than some of their predecessors they worked under who entered the space solely for wealth,  and were uninterested in learning about or participating in the cannabis industry as a whole.

The name 'Greyer'  is a reflection of their approach to navigating this industry - in essence, the 'gray' area that is often times chaos in state by state rules and regulations. From a metaphorical standpoint, the concept of 'gray-er' doesn’t exist. Something can either be lighter or darker, but not more gray.  This symbolizes Greyer's aspiration to create unique products and processes that are unique and revolutionary. While Greyer closely follows regulations and prides itself on teaching compliance under specific state guidelines, they understand that what is legal and what is ethical are two different things.  Greyer strives to be examples of both.


Let Greyer Cannabis Consulting take your business to the next level - we know you have potential and drive to be an leader in this lucrative industry, we'll help you focus on developing your brand, we'll handle the rest.


"We formed our small business because we wanted to shape the industry. We wanted to make a larger, more positive impact than we could have made within the other organizations we were part of. Greyer promotes the idea that you CAN run a successful and innovative cannabis business without grinding employees, hustling customers, and misleading consumers."

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-Brittany Gomez, cofounder

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